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Our History


Ashington Male Voice Choir

The Choir was founded in October 1916 by Mr. W. H. Batey, a fine local musician. The Council minutes of September 22nd, 1916, record . . . “A letter was received from the Ashington Male Voice Choir asking for the use of the Council Chamber on Wednesday night of each week for practices. The object of the Choir was for advancing musical education in the District and for helping local authorities. lt was agreed that the use of the Council Chamber be granted on the usual terms.” Mr. Batey laid the foundations of successful choral singing of a high standard winning many contests and earning a fine reputation for the Choir.

AMVC Pictured in 1916 – the earliest  photograph of the choir.

The strike of 1926 affected the Choir with attendances falling and “the choir funds were used to alleviate financial distress of fellow members”. Wallsend Male Voice Choir offered the Choir financial help towards meeting the costs of entering musical contests. In 1932 Mr. Batey resigned as Conductor and as the membership was declining and no new members joining the Choir was disbanded. In 1936 the Choir was reformed by Mr. Allington and Mr. Nesbitt. In response to a newspaper advert nine men turned up at the Industrial Working Men’s Club. One of those men was Mr. Jack Morton who went on to complete over 50 years’ service. He reminisces that the ‘Music Kist’ holding all the Choir’s music at that time was kept under the bed of Harold Drinkwater, Choir Secretary, and that an open air concert to be given in the Hirst Park on 3rd September, 1939 (the day war broke out!) had to be cancelled.

Mr. Nesbitt’s son, Dennis, conducted the Choir before joining the forces in the Second World War. He later became principal cellist with The London Symphony Orchestra, and in 1956 he was invited to Ashington as Guest Soloist, and Guest Conductor, at a concert to mark the amalgamation of the depleted Morpeth and Newbiggin Male Voice Choirs with Ashington Male Voice Choir, which then altered its title to ‘Ashington and District Male Voice Choir.


In 1977 the present patrons scheme was introduced and a regular Choir Newsletter was first distributed. Since then the choir’s patrons have given support in many helpful ways. In 1976 the choir began engaging top professional guest artists to appear at its Annual Concerts. The 1976 Annual Concert featured Maryetta and Vernon Midgley who have since then returned to Ashington becoming favourites with the Choir and audiences. Other guest artists have included Philip Langridge, Joan Savage, Anne Lorne-Gillies, Peter Morrison, Marilyn Hill-Smith, and the Band of H.M. Royal Marines.

In 1978 the Choir was invited by Wansbeck Council to take part in an exchange visit with the Dahlerbruck-Rotthausen Male Voice Choir from Schalkesmuhle, one of Wansbeck’s twin towns in West Germany. The choir enjoyed a wonderful first visit, singing in concert with 32 choirs, cruising along the River Rhine, visiting Bohn and best of all forming firm friendships.

The choir joined the National Association of Choirs in 1979 which brought it into contact with other North East Choirs. As a member of the National Association of Choirs North East Group the Choir has enjoyed the privilege of taking part in Massed Choral Concerts in the City Hall, Newcastle and singing in a memorable Massed Choral Concert in Durham Cathedral.

In 1980 the choir was awarded a winning mark of 91 by adjudicator Graham Carton who wrote “The ensemble was excellent and the control at the soft ending was one of the most memorable moments of this Festival.” The Dahlerbruck Choir was welcomed on its 3rd visit to Ashington in October 1985 and the Ashington Choir’s 3rd visit to West Germany took place in 1988.

In 1980 the choir also began exchange visits with the King’s Lynn Male Voice Choir which was based in Norfolk. The King’s Lynn Choir visited Ashington for the 3rd time in 1986 to take part in a successful joint concert to commemorate Ashington Choir’s 70th Anniversary.

The Choir was in danger of disbanding in 1953 when Conductor Mr. Joe Dawes resigned and again in 1960 when Conductor Mr. Arthur Johnson resigned, but at the Special Meetings held on both occasions the decision to continue was taken by a small group of loyal men. Both Mr. Dawes and Mr. Johnson maintained the high standard of singing. Mr. Johnson took the Choir to Blackpool Musical Festival and the Choir were winners at musical contests each year from 1953 to 1960 while he was Conductor.

AMVC Pictured in 1948.

In 1960 Mr. Steve Howard was appointed Conductor and Miss Ella Hughes was appointed accompanist. Mr. Howard continued the Choir’s success at contests, he introduced an Honorary Members Scheme, and he organised the Choir’s first Annual Concert which was held in November, 1963, in the Technical College.

When in 1969 Mr. Howard resigned Miss Ella Hughes was appointed conductor. By 1973 the Choir’s membership had grown from 25 to 47 voices and in that year the Choir competed at Blackpool Musical Festival. The Choir were winners at competitive musical festivals each year from 1970 to 1980 except in 1973 and 1979. In 1972 they were awarded the John Gillespie Trophy at Tynedale Musical Festival for the highest marks for an own choice piece, and were awarded the Rose Bowl as winners at Stanley Festival. In 1974 as winners at Stockton Musical Festival, Noel Cox, adjudicator, wrote of them “a sensitive group who make MUSIC when they sing.”



1984 marked a special achievement when after successful fund raising, the Choir was able to purchase its first uniforms including the distinctive blue blazers which are instantly recognised at massed choir events.


Ella Hughes continued her outstanding commitment to the Choir and was involved from joining as accompanist in 1960 up until her retirement in 2008. Over the years Miss Hughes contributed personal resources to help the choir, and brought international stars to perform at its Ashington concerts. One of the highlights of Ella’s time with the choir was the first performance of “Fell ‘em Doon.” The oratorio was written by local men Mike Kirkup and Derek Hobbs and it chronicled the birth of Ashington as “the biggest mining village in the world.”

Following Ella’s retirement, Neil Morton took on the role of conductor and musical director. Neil had previously sang in the bass section of the choir and had been accompanist. The then president of the choir Mike Kirkup commented that “the appointment of Neil seems to have worked well” and that “he has brought in one or two innovations that have been well received.” Neil went on to lead the choir up until 2015 still has ties with the choir today.

In September 2015 Jonathan Shaw was appointed musical director and led the choir in its Centenary year, whilst Derek Brett continues his fine work as accompanist.

At the choir’s 2015 Christmas Concert a number of members were given recognition for their long service. Nine members had racked up an incredible total of 245 years’ service between them. Amongst the long serving members are brothers George and Bill Wade who between them have sung with the choir for 79 years. It is long serving members with whole hearted commitment like these that have enabled the choir to survive through thick and thin for a hundred years. This has now become an established tradition and qualifying members are recognised each year at Christmas.

This was the year of preparation the committee set to work to provide new uniforms for the choir last issued in 1984 in anticipation of our centenary year, Jackets trousers and a newly designed tie to celebrate our 100 years, were all issued, with the aid a small grant from the Ridley Family Trust.

2016 A land mark year for the Choir, A busy year for the choir April the 9th the choir was part of a Choral Spectacular featuring 21,North East Choirs at The Sage Gateshead. Ladies Mixed and Male Voices, Presented by Dr Alwyn Humphreys MBE the program varied and uplifting show cased the best of choral tradition, the evening ended with massed voices around 750 voices in the rousing Blaenwern followed by Jerusalem. An experience never to be forgotten.

May 14th Our centenary was marked with our Annual Concert in the Josephine Butler Academy, Ashington, a packed house with invited guests and dignitaries and an audience of around 250. The choir, academy choir, junior school choir, Anna Cocoran, Susan Robertson, expertly lead by Johnathan Shaw MD and accompanied by Derek Brett. Neil Morton put in a guest appearance to conduct a selection from ‘Fell em Doon’ by local composer and songwriter duo Derek Hobbs and Mike Kirkup. A very memorable night of entertainment and an opportunity to showcase the choirs music ability.

Sadly this year we lost our president and friend Mike Kirkup, Mike was a very well known character editor and producer of CREEF OF COALS. Mike supported all things North East and was a great asset to the choir over the years. He and Derek Hobbs were a well known duo producing amongst other things ‘FELL EM DOON’ in tribute to the local history of mining.

2016 Also saw, George Wade’s service recognised by members at the recent AGM when he was elected President of ADMVC after 43 Years of continuous service with the choir.

December 2017 saw the choir saying farewell to Jonathan Shaw.

Jonathan has gifted the choir with a great enthusiasm and vibrancy which stands the choir in good stead for the future.

2018 And the choir was delighted that Neil Morton agreed to take up the reins once again and lead the choir, Neil with renewed vigour and enthusiasm has brought his experience and training accepts no less than perfect performance.
The choir has welcomed Neil back and are working hard on several new and re-introduce pieces from their vast library.

2022 Coming out of Covid restrictions membership had suffered during the long break however the choir has rebuilt its strength once again with around 30 plus active members regularly attending rehearsals and concerts. Sadly we lost a dear friend our Chairman Bob Brind, Bob had given many years of service and I think his proudest time with the choir was 2016 when he took the lead in organising and preparing for the choir centenary year. His superb leadership and organisational skills proved invaluable during this time and long afterwards, the choir sadly misses his comradeship and generosity of spirt.

 2023 Back in full swing the choir has several concerts planned and are delighted that our charity concert in aid of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine raised almost £1000 thanks to our supporters and helpers. Following a very successful autumn and Christmas season the choir took a well earned break back in January for a fresh start.

2024 New Year, new start, new repertoire and joining up with old friends and hopefully some new ones too.

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