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Jonathan Shaw MD/Conductor Ashington and District Male Voice Choir
Full dress rehearsal March 2017
Tenor and seconds March 2017
Bass and baritone section March 2017 - New Uniforms on display for our official Choir Photograph
Ashington & District Male Voice Choir - March 2017 Back Row J.Charters, T.Smith, S.Reid, I.Hurford, M.Giles, C. Forster, J.Robinson, B.Wade, B.Tongue, A.Blevins. D.Brett (Acc.),C.Prow,C.Short,N.Scarr,I.Fisher,G.Swan,P.Temple,M.Corbett,G.Peake,Jonathan Shaw (Musical Dir). R.George,G.Blanchflower,E.Adey,G.Wade (President),R.Brind (Chairman),J.Perry,E.Prycherch,F.Armstrong,R.Martin. Members not present – C.Davis,K.Lowery,A.Thompson,B.Maley.
It’s not all work we do stop for tea/coffee/biscuits and a joke or two.
Christmas 2015 saw our first long service awards recognising 9 members for service over 15 years
Annual concert May 2017 Guest Susan Robertson and the Phantom (Malcolm Corbett)
What was the punchline? Member enjoying a joke.
Sage Choral Spectacular 2015
Some of the choir in Schalksmule 1982 saying farewell.
100 years of song from Ashington and District Male Voice Choir
PRESIDENT George Wade receives his long service award from Bob Brind Choir Chairman Christmas 2015. (George has been with the choir since 1973).
Choir 2015 Ashington High School.